Weddings and Anniversaries

Bride and Groom Beach Towel

How many couples do you know that hit the beach for their honeymoon?  What a unique gift!!!

Bride & Groom Towel Set $30

Chevron Wedding Pillow

What a great wedding or anniversary gift!  Chevron color options are taupe, grey, pink, and teal.  Thread color of choice.  I can put the name in the middle and established year at the bottom.  Any other requests?  Just ask!

This link will add the item to your Shopping Cart. You will have the choice of completing your order at that time or returning to shop for other items. Once you have completed your order, you will be redirected to a form to customize your order. This form will allow you to specify size, color, and style of design. You will also be able provide shipping directives, should you desire or require that your purchase be shipped to you or to another address.

Chevron Wedding Pillow $35

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